The Trust identified a list of actions from the two community meetings in 2013, and in March 2015 held a coffee morning and open event, as well as providing an online survey, to ask the community to help prioritise these actions and inform this Action Plan.

The main short and long term priorities from the November 2013 event were collated by the newly formed Lossiemouth Community Development Trust.

A questionnaire was produced and was made available at a Meet and Greet coffee morning in March 2015 for the community to help prioritise all the projects, and inform this Action Plan.

The questionnaire was also distributed to pupils at Lossiemouth High School, and was made available online using Survey Monkey. This consultation informed the top five priorities.

Funding was then sought to print and distribute the Plan to every household in Lossiemouth, with thanks to Moray Towns Partnership.

Some of these actions as shown have already been undertaken or will be by the Lossiemouth Community Development Trust. However, the Trust cannot undertake all of these actions; there are other organisations with relevant skills and experience in the community who are better placed to undertake the work; the Trust will support these groups in any
way it can to move these actions forward.