Following the Public Meeting in the Town Hall on Wednesday 31st July, the Trust would like to update you all on the action taken since then.

1. Minutes from the meeting have been completed and are available here:

Public Meeting Minutes – Access to Lossiemouth East Beach

2. Meetings have been held with Richard Lochhead MSP, Douglas Ross MP, The Moray Council, 4 Bridge Companies and numerous other involved agencies. Before the end of the month there are planned meetings with companies on the possibility of a short-term fix. We will also be meeting again with TMC, HIE, other interested parties and continue talks with previous contacts.

3. The Moray Council and the LCDT are preparing the proposal for the Capital Regeneration Fund. If we have successfully passed through the Stage One process we can proceed to Stage 2 where we have already begun preparatory work with TMC. They are taking the lead as the proposal must come from the LA. We are doing everything we can to provide them with the information to generate a positive application.

4. Funding: The 3 community groups in the Town, LCDT, LCC and LBA have agreed on 3 funding streams. Level 1 community activities, collection boxes, monies from the box at the Bridge. Level 2 is from benefactors, larger companies and the Just Giving Page. Level 3 is the major funding route.
People are asking for a breakdown of monies received since the Bridge was closed.
Level 1: The Community Council has undertaken to do the Level 1 funding. We would ask the LCC to answer questions about this income stream when they are able. The LCDT has the amount taken from the Bridge collection box following the closure, £49 (prior to the closure this income stream amounted to £475, approx. £10/day. On the day the damage was done to the Bridge there were 3800 crossings of the bridge, the amount collected in the box was £8).
Level 2: The Trust received £5,000 from a Benefactor which was partly matched by that person’s employer so meant an income of £9,605. Before the Bridge closure, the Just Giving Page stood at approx. £7,000, it now stands at £15000.
Level 3: Prior to the Bridge Closure the LCDT knew that the SSE/Beatrice Field had awarded the Trust £50,000 following a successful application. They asked that this information was not published until after the Press release by SSE/Beatrice Fund.
By the end of Aug the amount projected to be in the LCDT Bridge Account is approx. £75,000. The Trust accounts are independently audited IAW Companies House Rules and can be found here:

5. The LBA are undertaking an economic impact assessment survey and will publish the results as soon as they are available.

6. The Trust has always encouraged membership which can be applied for at Result of the public consultation re Bridge placement is the subject of much speculation, i.e. lack of information regarding the options etc. The Trust is listening to all opinions and will discuss further.