Notice on East Beach Bridge, Lossiemouth, Moray - Help Save Our Bridge

In a two-and-a-half-minute report on STV’s 6 o’clock news bulletin on 23 August 2018, reporter Nicola McAlley explained why Lossiemouth Community Development Trust has begun a crowdfunding campaign to raise £10,000.

The East Beach Bridge forms a vital link to a beauty spot in the heart of the ‘Jewel of Moray’.

But, as explained in the report, the community of Lossiemouth now fears that the 100-year-old bridge leading to the popular beach could face closure if pressing repairs are not carried out. On behalf of the community, Lossiemouth Community Development Trust (LCDT) is launching a crowdfunding campaign to secure the future of the East Beach Bridge.

As we know, Lossiemouth’s East Beach is a popular spot, with thousands of people flocking to enjoy its sparkling sea and sand, each year. But the beach could end up ‘high and dry’ if the bridge which gives access to it does not undergo crucial repairs.

The bridge has been in place for more than 100 years but the passage of time has not been kind to it.

Rust and general ‘wear and tear’ have all taken their toll.

As Community Development Officer, Huw Williams, explained to Nicola – and as seen clearly in various images on the news report – the steel of the bridge is rusted in some places to such an extent that it presents an obvious danger to the public. As Huw highlighted: “Steel by the seaside does not work very well.”

The bridge is coming to the point of needing either significant maintenance or a whole new replacement bridge. LCDT is looking to secure funding for a full survey to assess the structure – particularly, the wooden piers of the bridge – to see whether replacing only the top section of the bridge would be sufficient, because a whole new bridge would be extremely costly.

In a further complication, it is unclear who the bridge belongs to.

Huw Williams, Lossiemouth Community Development Trust

Rab Forbes of LCDT explained that LCDT has gone to a lot of bother to establish that the bridge is actually owned by nobody, at the moment. The people of Lossiemouth still need access to the beach to be available – for themselves, for the people of Moray and beyond. Somebody has to take this project on – and LCDT have have decided to do that. LCDT is launching a crowdfunding campaign to try to secure the future of the bridge.

Rab Forbes, Lossiemouth Community Development Trust

Moray Council has said that it will offer support for the project insofar as insofar as offering expertise in seeking funding for the project.

Councillor Ryan Edwards said that the bridge is not just important to Lossiemouth; it is important to the whole of Moray. It forms part of one of our coastal routes, all the way from Lossiemouth to Garmouth, so it gives access to a very important stretch of beach.

Councillor Ryan Edwards, The Moray Council

A notice has been erected on the bridge itself.

It says “Thank you for visiting our East Beach. We hope you enjoy your day. See you again soon. Help save our bridge.”

Nicola noted that the bridge was well used.

In the short space of time that she had been there with her film crew, more than 50 people – plus dogs and surfboards – had crossed the bridge.

The community of Lossiemouth want to keep it that way to ensure there is a crossing to the East Beach for future generations.

How you can help

The crowdfunding campaign page for the East Beach Bridge can be accessed by clicking here.

You can find out more details as the project progresses, via our Facebook page.

Please support us in moving the Lossiemouth East Beach Bridge Crowdfunding Campaign forward and securing the future of the bridge.

Any amount of a donation will be gratefully received.