A subgroup of Lossiemouth Community Development Trust is working on a project to achieve a cycle path between Hopeman and Lossiemouth.

There are already cycle paths from Hopeman to Duffus, and between Elgin and Lossie, so the aim is to complete the gap from the B9040 Duffus turn-off to the junction with the B9135 to Elgin.

The expected users would be similar:

  • cyclists, especially on road bikes, commuting, touring or cycling as families,
  • roadrunners, and
  • people on foot.

There is currently no bus service and no footpath between Hopeman and Lossiemouth.

This affects residents and tourists who want to use the visitor attractions such as Covesea Lighthouse, Silver Sands and the horse and golf establishments.

Concentrating on providing a cycle route alongside the B9040 will complement the alternative existing routes along the Moray Coast Trail and ‘Green Roadie’ which are principally used for leisure walking and by off-road bicycles. These routes are already available, as signed Core Paths, and through the 2003 Access legislation.

Traffic on the B9040 tends to travel at the speed limit of 60mph.

This is despite poor sight lines and there being insufficient width for two cars and a bicycle, road runner or parent with child in a pram.

The road currently does not encourage use to its full potential to fulfil the aims of Moray Council’s Active Transport Strategy for commuting and leisure on foot or bicycle. And – for the cycle tourist or road bicycle commuter – what is required is the shortest route from A to B, usable in all weathers and at all times of year.

The need for the cycle path has been confirmed by the wide support received from current and potential users.

There is support, in principle, from Moray Council and Sustrans, and also representatives of Hopeman’s community.

It has been identified as a priority in LCDT’s Action Plan, and received further public support at the LCDT Information Event at the Stotfield Hotel on 18th April 2017.

Funding will be required for the next step.

This will include:

  • a feasibility and design study;
  • detailed landowner permissions, and
  • resolution of potential “pinch points”.

How you can help

In the meantime, we would ask you to complete our questionnaire via Survey Monkey (click on the immediately-previous hyperlinked text to access the online survey – which will open in a new tab and should only take a few minutes to complete).

Please note that, even if you wouldn’t currently cycle or walk along the main road, there is the option to state this and give your reasons, or make any other comment about your perception of safety on this road.

Thanks for your participation and feedback!

You can also access the online questionnaire by clicking HERE.