Public toilets
Dog wardens / Dog fouling issues
Litter bins
Vibrant town like Inverurie
Sea wall repaired

Keep toilets open (encourages tourism)
Supermarket or more shops / new businesses / pop
up shops
Gala Day
Signage on A96 and beach etc
International markets
Food festivals / stalls / fairs
Involve Community Food Moray (Mosstodloch)
Back packers hostel


Community Centre upgraded to better facilities
Skate / bike park
Kids events in school holidays
Marathon Fun Run
Promote football in town
Soft play area (access to RAF soft play area)
Kids playground – more and improved
Provision of pitch and running track – flood lit / astro pitch

Book in library that says what is on so dates don’t clash / town diary to avoid events clashing
Hire a Development Officer
Community groups newsletter / notice boards
Continue Group Forum
RAF involved in community (labour / projects)
More community events for everyone – e .g ceilidhs
Know what the community council is about and what they are allowed to do
Moray Council facilitate the groups coming together and listening to communities
Lossie library centre of communication of town – e.g diary of events
Use Facebook, Twitter and Internet to communicate
Co-ordinated approach to embody ‘groups’ ideas to the community
Proper consultation with everyone in the town about what they want to prioritise – questionnaires
Community to continue work together
Community events to benefit local Lossiemouth charities
Better communication within groups