Situated on the North East Moray Coast Lossiemouth is, for reasons you’ll soon discover, known as the Jewel of the North. Catching the warm Gulf Stream airflow, Lossiemouth enjoys a temperate climate with regularly the lowest rainfall in the UK, so the chances are you’ll enjoy your visit in some fine weather.

There are two glorious beaches to explore. West Beach stretches for 3 miles and is guarded by Covesea Lighthouse, and East Beach, with its rolling dunes and expanses of white sand, is backed by the River Lossie. Nature lovers will delight in discovering our local wildlife and coastal walks – keep a keen eye and you may be lucky enough to spot Moray Firth’s resident population of bottlenose dolphins. For those not so
fortunate a dolphin watching cruise departing from the historical harbour is always an option.

Whilst down at the marina head for  the Fisheries and Community Museum and learn all about our local history and heritage, including the terrible 19th century fishing
tragedy which wiped out all but two of the adult male population in the Stotfield area.